A Wild Heart Approach to Life

The name Wild Heart Wellness grew out of a sentiment that Dr. Brene Brown so eloquently outlines in her book Braving the Wilderness. In her book, she recounts a conversation with Roshi Joan Halifax about the power of taking a “strong back, soft front, wild heart” approach to life, but in particular to conflict. How, she argues, can we expect to shine a wild, happy heart through an armored, defensive front? And if our defended front is only shielding a soft, insecure spine—then what is the purpose of protecting it at all?


Daily Actions That Lead to Pain

Dr. Brown is referring to a metaphorical concept in her book.

But here at Wild Heart, we know that the body, too, falters behind a defended front. As we close and compress in the shoulders and hips, hunched over our desks, steering wheels, TVs, and cell phones, we impress an unnatural and enormous strain on the neck and back. This conflict we feel within our own body is often the result of this daily, repeated, and pervasive postural deviation. Headaches, jaw pain, tension in the neck and shoulders, low back pain, hip replacements—these are the most common complaints in a sedentary, defended-front society.


We are Meant to Move

But guys, the truth is, we are wild heart creatures meant to move, dance, gallop, hang from things, and move with joy. In our work we have observed, over and over again, that to open the front of the shoulders and hips and building strength and flexibility in the back and legs will bring an ease of movement to the physical body that allows our energy to flow and our breath to move freely.


A Wild Heart Approach to Wellness

Alas, we take this concept and integrate her theory into our practice, after all it is our namesake. When working with clients, we look at lifestyle factors and daily movements that could lead to your pain. Instead of simply working on the symptom, we look at the root cause and create an all-inclusive treatment plan for you. Our work with you doesn't stop at the table, it includes recommendations of lifestyle improvements to help your wild heart truly sing.